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Provincial Accounts Committee

The function of the Provincial Accounts committee is to Examine all accounts relating to the appropriation of funds provincial council and other accounts operated by the council with the Auditor General’s report thereon.


  • Audit paragraphs to be discussed at the provincial Accounts committee consist of information revealed at the audit invesostigations of accounting deficiencies in the ministries of the southern province by the Auditor General’s department and the unacceptable explanations provided for audit queries by the office at the Accounts committee to explain the current position regarding these audit paragraphs and to provide answers.
  • The Auditor General’s department compiles these audit paragraphs into a report each year and forward it to the governor’s of the province as the Auditor General’s report. After Governor’s approval it is forwarded to the southern provincial council for its approval and once it is approved by the council ,the report is forwarded to the provincial Accounts committee for its deliberations.
  • The chief Minister nominates seven council members as members of the Accounts committee for a period of five (05) years. One of them is nominated as the chairman of the committee by the chief minister.
  • The Accounts Committee meets about times a month.

Present members of the Accounts Committe


Hon. K.A. Somawansha


Hon. A.G.G. Piyasiri                 
Hon.Weerasumana Weerasinghe              
Hon.Siripala Jayaweera                           
Hon. Nalin Hewage

Assistant Auditor General’s Department is represented by-

Assistant Auditor General
Audit Superintendent
One (1)or two(2) Audit Inspectors

Officers representing the Provincial Treasure at present

Chief Secretary
Deputy Chief  Secretary -Finance
Director-Internal Audit
Director-Accounts and payments

Following officers participate representing the council secretariat

Council Secretary
Administrative officer
Subject clerk



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