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Public Petitions committee


  1. Every Petitions forwarded to the provincial council shall pertain to the subject duly assigned to the provincial council under the constitution and shall be forwarded in conformity with the following requirements.
  2. The Petition shall be addressed to the chairman and should be submitted by a member of the council.
  3. Every Petitions shall be courteously written and should not be couched with irrelevancies or facets extraneous to the subject in issue.
  4. Every Petitions shall be legibly written and contain an appeal clearly stating the redress sought.
  5. Petition shall be signed by the petitioner or in the case of a person, who cannot sing,carry the thumb impression of the part placed before a witness.
  6. No document should be annexed to a petition.
  7. Members of the provincial council, before accepting any petitions from the public for submission to the council,shall ensure that the foregoing requirements have been complied with.
  8. A member of the council when submitting a petition shall confine his speech only to the statement “honorable chairman! I submit the petition forwarded by...............residing at .........../and ...............others.”There shall be no debate on the matter.
  9. Petitions submitted to the Council shall be referred to the public petitions Committee.
  10. A petition can be submitted only once on a particular subject.
  11. A council member who intends to submit a petition to the petitions committee shall forward the relevant petition to the secretary of the Council before a week of a council meeting. The secretary on receipt of the said petition shall refer same to the Consultative committee on Functions and if it is found to be relating to a subject assigned to the Council with the recommendation of the Consultative committee on Functions, at the next meeting through the member who forwarded the petition.
  12. If the Consultative Committee on Functions decides under sub-section (11) above, that the petition does not relate to a subject under the purview of the provincial Council, it shall be the responsibility of the secretary of the council, to inform the council member who forwarded the petition that it cannot be investigated by the public petitions committee stating the reasons there for.

special requirements

  1. Attention is requested to the following special requirements under standing order 96 which are not covered under the stipulations in standing order No.25 referred to above.
  2. It should relate to a matter where no redress had been received on representations made to relevant authorities or on an appeal made to minister in charge of the subject within a reasonable time.
  3. The petitioner shall mention in the petition all action taken by him seeking a relief as above.
  4. There shall be no bar on a member of the public petitions Committee in forwarding a petition to the provincial council personally on a matter concerning him. However he shall not participate at the discussions of the public Petitions committee when his petition is taken up for consideration. The above restriction shall not prevent him from giving evidence before the public petition committee regarding the matter.
  5. If any council member who is also a member of the public petitions committee, is named as the accused or as having some other connection to a matter being investigated by the committee, that member shall not participate at deliberations of the committee in deciding the matter.
  6. The committee may if deems necessary, call for any report from a provincial minister.
  7. The committee shall have the power to summon any person before it and question him or order the production of any register and inspect same in the performance of its functions or that of a sub-committee thereof.Reports on petitions referred to provincial ministers by the public petitions committee shall be personally signed by the ministers. Any report forwarded under the signature of any other person shall not be accepted.
  8. Whenever a petition is referred to the relevant ministry by the public petitions committee for report under Rule (7) above, a copy of same shall also be forwarded to the secretary of the provincial ministry concerned. The intention of it is to get matters expedited at official. Level rather that getting a report under his signature.
  9. The public petitions committee may, on special occasions if it deems necessary, appoint a sub-committee of it from among its own members.



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