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Southern provincial council

Under the Indo-Sri Lankan Accord of July 1987 and the resulting 13th amendment to the constitution, the Government of Sri Lanka agreed to devolve some authority to the provinces. According to the act No.42 of 1988 provicial councils stablished in sri Lanka. Provincial Councils are directly elected for 5 year terms. The leader of the council majority serves as the province’s Chief Minister with a board of five ministers, a Provincial Governor is appointed by the President. The Provincial Councils have full statute making power with respect to the Provincial Council List, and shared statute making power respect to the Concurrent List. Whilst all matters set out in the Reserved List are fall under the responsibility of the central government.

level there are 49 Local Government institutions in the Southern Province: 20 in Galle, 17 in Matara and 12 in Hambantota; among these Local Government Institutions there are Municipal Council, Urban Councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas. The head of the Local Authority in case of a Municipal Council is the Mayor, the Chairman in an Urban Council and in a Pradeshiya Sabha. The local authorities are elected for a 5 years term. People’s representatives to the Provincial council are elected at a provincial council election. The Chief Secretary’s Office handles the Administration of the Council. This office administers the subjects coming under the purview of the Provincial Council and provides the funds for the development activities. The Provincial Council and the Central Government are linked by the Chief Secretary, who is the head of the provincial administration. The Ministry Secretaries report to the Chief Secretary. The Chief Secretary is appointed by the President.


The first council of the southern provincial council was started at 16th of june 1988 after the council member’s oath. First council meeting was held on 25th of july 1988.

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Capital city Galle
Governor Hon. Governor Kumari Balasuriya
Chief Minister Hon. Chief Minister Shan Vijayalal De Silva
Area 5559 sq km (2146.3 sq . miles)
Population 2,278,271
Population density 409.8 per sq. km (1061.5/sq.m)
Gross Regional product Rupees 492 billion



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