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Visits To The Council

For viewing the proceeding

General  Information
Any person can enter the public gallery of the council either singly or in a group with prior permission on any day the council is in session. A time will be allocated for the purpose as and when possible on any day the council is setting.

Days on which council meetings are held

the meeting of the provincial council are scheduled to be held on Tuesdays of the second and fourth week of every month. These days are however subject to change on the decision of the chairman. council meetings normally commence at 9.30 am.

Permission to Enter the public Gallery

Prior permission should be obtained to enter the public gallery from the council Secretariat by submitting a written request Following information should be furnished in such request.

  • Full names and address of all persons arriving
  • Their national Identity Cards numbers
  • The date and time of the proposed visit, and Reasons for the visi

A permit will be issued to enter the gallery of the chamber after verifying the information furnished by you.

In the case of a representative nominated by a council member, the permitted issued to him certifying his identity would suffice.

Instructions to be followed by the visitors arriving to view the proceeding of the Council

  • Only those persons holding valid permits issued by the council Secretariat under the rules and procedures for the time being in force, to view the procedures for the time being in force, to view the proceeding of the council, The visitors should therefore bring these permits and keep them safely until their departure from the premises.
  • The national Identity Card,passport or the driving license should be necessarily brought and predicted for proposes of establishing identity.
  • Any government officers who arrive with out permits should also occupy seats in the public gallery.
  • Cameras, Cellular phones or any other electric or electronic equipment or gadgetry will not be allowed to be taken in to the public gallery.
  • Visitors are requested not to bring with them any such equipment.Any such equipment if happens to be in your possession, should be handed over at the counter.
  • Infants and toddlers will not be allowed in to the public gallery when meeting of the council are in progress. As such visitors who are accompanied by such children are requested  to abstain from entering the public gallery. It is also your responsibility to ensure that small children and small school children are not allowed to be seated or accommodated in the front row seats of the gallery.
  • Visitors who are not properly dressed will not be allowed to enter the public gallery. As such visitors are requested to come properly dressed.
  • Members of your group shall maintain complete silence while inside the public gallery or in any other part of the council buildings. It small be your responsibility to ensure that they maintain silence with out in any way hindering the work of the institution that they behave well and do not middle with or  cause any damage to the audio and other equipment in the public gallery or elsewhere in the premises.
  • Smoking, engaging in conversation clapping of hands or other means of applause, whistling or marking various other sounds bantering and marking denigratory gestures, walking about, standing rejoicing, making various signs or signals peeping in to the council chamber or pointing hands or other objects towards the chamber, throwing various objects in to the council chamber waving hands or signaling to the council members or ministers, dozing, taking down notes and reading books or papers are totally prohibited in side the public gallery.
  • Jumping over the security railings of the gallery or occupying seats reserved for the press shall not be down while in the gallery. Visitors should occupy the seats they are directed to.




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